Team Member Onboarding - Discover your path to success!


Onboarding is the process of welcoming, acclimating and providing new team members with tools, resources and knowledge to become successful and productive.

Onboarding starts before team members begin and often lasts through the first year of employment. On this website you will find checklists, templates, and other resources to help you and your new team member with the first 90 days of onboarding.

We will regularly add content to the page to assist you. As the supervisor and new team member, you are both critical links in this process and we have tools and resources to help you to be successful.

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Onboarding Outcomes Timeline

Prior to Start

  • Deliver a warm welcome to team member.
  • The workspace should be fully equipped for the team member to be able to do their job.

First Day/Week

  • The team member feels welcomed and prepared to start working.
  • The team member starts to get familiar with Department/Division lingo and acronyms.
  • The team member starts to understand the position, goals (theirs and the Department’s or Division’s).
  • Team member starts professional development: their duties and State of Missouri Core Curriculum.

First Month

  • The team member begins to build relationships, job knowledge, and starts to settle into their position.
  • There is an understanding of expectations.
  • Engage has been discussed or completed.
  • The team member understands the cultural norms of the office and feels more comfortable at office events.
  • Team member feels more at ease with professional development efforts.

First Quarter

  • The team member feels a sense of belonging.
  • Continuous improvement is encouraged so that team member feels comfortable making suggestions to improve workflow and processes.
  • The team member is applying skills, contributing to the team and starting to understand how their work affects others.